Born in Beverlo and living in Hasselt (B)
Work: Education Hasselt

  • Preschool teacher – Normal school Hasselt
  • Grafism at the academy Hasselt

I discovered the world of watercolour during the 90’s. What attracted me most was its transparency and the subtility of the watercolour technique. The flowing together of water and pigment on paper seemed to me to be mysterious, exciting and challenging. I started exploring this technique with a small group of painters and I also attended some courses and workshops with both Belgian and foreign watercolour painters.
For the rest I’m self-taught.

Since 2001 I’m a core member of the Aquarel Instituut van België and I participate in the selections for the bi-annual watercolour exhibitions.
I regularly participate in the international exhibitions of the ECWS and also by invitation for international watercolour events.