I dont call myself an artist.
All I do is converting my feelings in colour on white paper.
But if you look at it with different eyes than mine
it maybe elevates what I do maybe into art.


When you paint you slowly learn to let go of control and to surrender oneself to your intuitions. One goes through all sorts of feelings that in the end all come together again, just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and whereby colour has a great influence on my soul. The flowing together of colours often calls forth emotions that cannot be put in words.

As I love the simplicity in all things, so should my work finds its beauty by the simplicity that it exudes. This is why my work is the reflection of my deepest being.

MT is a watercolour artist who creates masterpieces in all serenity and discretion. The tense style and the special colour palette are typical characteristics.
She always works in an abstract fashion because she believes not all must be said. “Less is more” is the view she adheres to. I also quote from the work of
Godfried Bomans, a shrewd author who wrote: “Simplicity is not the sign of a beginner. It is the hard earned signature stamp of a master”.
Bruni Mortier 2011

MT is a virtuoso in the use of the watercolour technique:  a perfect composition and a just as perfect use of colours. M seems to master everything. At least that is what we see at first glance. I sense the story of human fragility. It is up to you, dear spectators, to discover the deeper truth.
Luc Van Cauter 2013